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RE-FORMATION is a community art project celebrating and promoting young people’s ideas, skills and achievements as part of Scottish Government’s Year of Young People 2018.  It is a large-scale city wide partnership project, co-designed and delivered by young people from school and community groups. 


The project plans to transform the pedestrian area of Reform Street, covering the cobbles with inspirational words and images to create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere for the wider community. 10 community groups will create individual designs that will collectively carpet the street.


The art installation is an ambitious and exciting display, demonstrating young people’s perspective of youth culture.  The artwork will include themes such as equality, diversity, ambition, inclusion and will explore stereotypes and mental health. 


The project will culminate in a live event on Saturday 29th September and Sunday 30th September where participating groups will be invited to transfer their designs onto the street as a temporary art installation.


We are seeking funding to support groups from across the city to participate in this exciting event. If you can sponsor RE-FORMATION in any way please contact 01382 206060 or email office.corner@nhs.net.


The images below contain more information on the project and details of sponsorship options.


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