The Corner has contact with parents, carers, grandparents, other family and friends who all want the same thing - to try and make things better.

Sometimes people find it difficult to ask for help, but they soon find that just talking things through can really make a difference.

The Corner is often a good place to start looking for support and information; you will be listened to, given information about Corner services for young people and other services that are around to support parents.

Have you recently found out that your child has come into The Corner? Do you need advice or support with your relationship with your child? Is your child behaving differently and causing you concern? You may even want to find out more information on an issue to help you discuss it with your child. Are you looking for something your child may be interested in being involved with?

If you have any child protection concerns click here for the Dundee Child Protection Line details. 

ParentsHave a look through our site for information on the different issues we cover, services provided and for further information on how you can get support. You can be assured that your child is being supported through many frameworks and policies which are in place for your child’s protection. For further information please read the Corner Confidentiality Statement.  Or you can:

  • Request information to be sent by post
  • Support or assist your child to access Corner services
  • Phone to arrange a visit or meeting with staff

Helpline for parents/carers to talk

Children 1st Parentline 08000 28 22 33